Host the Coolest Party in Town with Ice Cream Parlour-Themed Party

An Ice Cream Parlour-Themed Party is figuratively and literally one cool party to throw. Whether it’s for a child’s birthday, an anniversary, or just a casual celebration you want to host, it’s always sure to keep the guests cool while taking care of their sweet tooth. After all, who doesn’t love ice cream? The following are some of the top ideas you can use.

33366_largeClassic Ice Cream Cart Backdrop

This part of the party will make or break the theme. You need some incredible work for this one, but as long as you can take care of the details, there’s nothing you should worry about. If you have the time and the resources, you can build your own wooden ice cream cart or ice cream truck. If you want things more simple, an ice cream stand will do. Alternatively, you can create (or purchase) a classic-style ice cream cart from corrugated box. The key is to fill with it with an array of pastel colours, plus some fun and adorable art. With some neat white stripes everyone’s familiar with, your backdrop will sure be an attention grabber that will perfectly set the party’s tone!

55273Make Your Own Sundae

Setting up a corner where guests can craft their own sundae adds an element of fun and creativity to your event. It lets everyone have the thrill of customising their dessert with a wide choice of sweet, colourful toppings. For a small party at home, all you need is a tub filled with ice cream and whipped cream. Make sure you place some ice to keep the contents fresh and cold. To make things quick and mess-free, have someone serve the ice cream to the guests. The guest can then proceed picking their desired toppings from the dispensers and jars. Don’t forget to add labels to the toppings! Also, it will be a great addition to the theme if you use colourful cups for the sundaes or ice creams. 

be54552Candy Buffet Table

We all know ice cream is able to do well on its own, but having a candy buffet table would help add a sweeter note to your celebration. Set up the table side by side your ice cream cart backdrop or your Make-Your-Own-Sundae corner. Create the ultimate candy buffet table with a combination of colourful gumballs, candy sticks, lollies, candy canes, and chocolates. Place your treats inside decorated glass candy jars and brightly-coloured favour pails or cups, and don’t forget to label each one. A full out buffet is not necessary since this is not an exclusive candy party. As long as you can dress your table with the right treats to match your theme, you’ll be fine. 

41443_largeGuest Table

Don’t forget the guest tables! You can decorate them with sundae centrepieces made of colourful pom-poms placed on top of a tall ice cream glass. You can also show your gratefulness by putting thank you cards shaped like popsicles on each table. To make the theme even more fun, place cards inside frames and print ice cream-related quotes on each one.

Ice Cream Tub Party Favours

End the party sweetly with some ice cream tub party favours. It’s not really impossible to give away some ice cream to guests as they leave, but you would want to opt for something that won’t easily perish along the trip home. We’d say stick to lots of candies and chocolates and goodies of different kinds.

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