Try our Polycarbonate Drinkware!

A big downer at parties is when someone spills a drink or drops a glass and it shatters. Not only does it ruin the mood, but it also means someone has to clean up the mess. For the party hosts, this can be a pain which is why Parties Online now stocks Polycarbonate Drinkware.

Collins-355-ps-42-500x500 Polycarbonate drinkware is perfect for any party situation as it won’t break, chip or shatter. Although it has the similar look to glass, it is a much safer and durable option than glass. Design is not compromised with safety in this scenario as the glasses are designed beautifully, without having that classic glass finish. Whether you’re looking at hosting a party at a domestic or commercial level, this assortment of polycarbonate drinkware is perfect. Having glassware can be dangerous around pools, stadiums and other heavily occupied places which is why polycarbonate drinkware is perfect for all locations.


Our range of polycarbonate drinkware comes in a range of styles for all sorts of drinks. Having a more formal gathering? We have Champagne & Wine Resort Pack or the Hi Ball Glass perfect for creating mixed drinks. We also have a range of beer glasses perfect for any occasion including 285ml, 425ml and 570ml sizes. While being completely shatter proof, these glasses are also dishwasher safe which is perfect for an industrial dishwasher.

We have low prices for both bulk buying and smaller packs for a range of our polycarbonate glasses. These glasses are only available online so contact us now to get a great deal on these polycarbonate drinkware at 9970 7999.

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