Unique Christmas Tree Motifs for Your Holiday Centrepiece

The Christmas tree is one of the easily recognizable symbols associated with this special193043 time of the year. Regardless of the difficulties involved in setting up and decorating a Christmas tree, everyone seems to love and enjoy the tradition. Each year, people think of different and new Christmas tree motifs to use in coming up with a unique centrepiece for the home.

Here are some ideas that can help you build upon Christmas tree motifs when it is time to deck the holiday foliage.

  • The Good Old Traditional Christmas Tree. No other colours can evoke the Christmas spirit than green, red and gold. Use these colours on Christmas baubles or Victorian style ornaments to bring back the memories of your youthful Christmas.
  • Go Minimalist. White is devoid of any colour, bespeaking of minimalism. Hang snowflakes of different sizes and patterns for that modern minimalist essence. m30114Embellish the tree with everything white such as white lights, white garlands, and white ribbons. Add sparkles by putting some silver bells or silver balls in-between the branches.
  • Here Comes Santa Claus. Fill the Christmas tree with everything about the old man in red suit – elves, sleigh, reindeers, toys, and even Missus Claus. Add Santa’s house as topper to tell the story that everything originates from where Santa lives.
  • Delight the Sweet Tooth. Make your Christmas tree edible by hanging candy cane, chocolate bars, gingerbread stick, or even fruits. Both kids and adults will have fun picking their favourite goodies from the tree. There are wide arrays of Christmas candies, such as candy canes and candy snowflakes, to buy from the candy store. You can opt to hang the same type of candy or go for different varieties. The sameFlakesv3 applies if you choose to hang chocolates or cookies. Have enough supply to replenish the edible ornaments because they will be surely gone before Christmas comes.
  • Hear the Chirps. Create a nesting haven for the bird kingdom. Hang all the bird ornaments you can find and delight on how they sway at the tip of the branches. Apart from birds, you can build other ideas based on animals particularly those that are relevant to Christmas like reindeers, camels, and sheep. These unique Christmas tree motifs can make the kids gather round the tree more often than before.
  • Display Homemade Christmas Ornaments. Ask the members of the family to contribute in filling up all the empty spaces in the tree by creating their own ornaments. Set rules in making the ornaments such as the size and the materials to be used which should be in conjunction with the theme of the Christmas tree. Once complete, there will be a sense of pride and accomplishment among the family for setting up a lovely tree using ornaments they have made with their own hands.
  • Tell a Story. Get inspiration from your favourite movie. For example, if you happen to be a Harry Potter fan, you can embellish the Christmas tree with wands, chocolate frogs, jellybeans, and other Hogwarts’ stuff. Do not forget to warn people to stay away from the tree; otherwise, they will turn into something else.
  • Tour the World. If you are fond of travelling to places, you can display your collection of souvenirs from the different destinations you have been. Let the Christmas tree take onlookers to the same place you have seen as they ogle each hanging piece. Make 3m_Tissue_Paper_bluesure to secure the ornaments well especially if it is delicate and had cost you much. You can also choose a particular country and base your theme on what makes it popular. For instance, you can hang colourful chopsticks if you are inspiration is ramen-eating in Japan.
  • Use Colour Code. Decorating the Christmas tree can be centred in a particular colour scheme. The traditional colours are green and red, but you can use other combinations that will work well with a theme that requires specific colours. For example, if you decide to have a wintry theme, the ideal colours to consider are blue, white, and silver. It becomes totally out-of-sync if you will place something with earthy or warm colour. Try to limit your choice to two base colours then compliment with universal Christmas colours of gold and silver.

It does not need special skills and expensive decorations to come up with unique Christmas tree motifs every year. It only needs some creativity to make use of materials already available at home to set up and decorate a fabulous holiday centrepiece for your home.

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