Why We Love Throwing a Pet Paw-ty (And You Should, Too!)

A pet party is a party like no other. You’ll have lots of fun, too, of course, but aside from the games, food, cake, and the gifts, there’s just something about celebrating the life of a pet, whether a cat or dog, that tugs at our heartstrings. Pets are like humans that have feelings. And even though they may never understand why they should wear a party hat or blow some candles once a year, they do feel special when they’re treated as stars even just for a day. Here are top five reasons to celebrate your pets special day!

Your Furry Best Friend Deserves It

bull_dogwalkingpetballoonDogs and cats are a man’s best friend. They can make you feel joy and happiness in a way that humans can’t. They don’t just help reduce stress but are always there when you need somebody to comfort you. They will always be there when you need someone to make you laugh or forget your worries even just for a moment. They will serve you in any way they can and as long as they are capable. And the best thing is that they never complain! For them, every day with you is a celebration. What more a day that you’ve dedicated especially to them.

Socializing Your Pet Is Important

You probably know already how vital socializing is for your pets. But have you thought about the fact that you and your pet can make more friends by throwing a pet birthday party? Pet parties are an excellent way to invite not just your close friends, but other dog and cat people in the neighbourhood, too.

Image 12Life Is Short. That Is, For Your Pet

As a human, you have the potential to see to your ninetieth birthday, and that’s a privilege your pet friend doesn’t have and will never have. That’s because pets, both dogs, and cats, have an average lifespan of only 10 to 15 years. Most cats don’t even get to see their ninth birthday, especially when they’re always left unsupervised outdoors. If our math is correct, one dog or cat year is equivalent to 7 human years. That should be enough reason for us to celebrate our pet’s life every chance we get.

You Won’t Forget The Experience

We all know human parties are fun, but a pet party is pure entertainment! Clowns, magicians, and princesses may add to a party’s overall excitement, but who needs additional entertainment when you’ve got the most entertaining things in the world – your pets! Pets are adorable, but their presence in a party, especially in one where they’re the star, will surely leave everyone in high spirits from start to finish!

You’ll Encourage Your Guests To Own A Pet

q41474It’s a fact that not all people love the idea of having a four-legged creature living with them in their home. No matter how cute cats and dogs can be, they simply can’t please everybody. Not until they’re seen in parties. There’s just something about the presence of a crowd that transforms a pet and makes it even more lovable and appealing. Invite your friends who can’t decide yet whether or not to have a pet, and see them change their minds as soon as they realise how blessed you are to have an animal as a companion and best friend!


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