Planning A Bastille Day Party to Remember

eiffelThere are a good number of Australians who can trace their roots back to France, as well as French-speaking countries where Bastille Day is a big thing. This holiday is also known as La Fete Nationale. The French traditions of good food and drinks are big during the Bastille Day celebrations, as well as the Soiree which is an evening party in French. If you are planning to throw a Bastille Day bash, here are some tips to make it great.

French traditions

In France, Bastille Day is full of parades, feasting with family and friends, and a lot of fireworks. The bigger part of the morning is spent watching parades. After the parades, it is time for good food and drinks with family and friends. The evening is spent singing and dancing into the night when the fireworks come out. The perfect Bastille Day ends with a great display of fireworks in the Public Park or square watching the display with family and friends. 58145frenchnapkin

Bastille food 

You can have your own version of the French Bastille Day, starting with some good food. If you cannot cook up some French recipes, there are French restaurants where you can try out the marvels of the French cuisine.

Plan for simple French cuisine like classic steak potato frites (chips). This goes well with vegetable-based dishes such as frisée salad and haricots verts. The meal is finished off with a delicious dessert like a tarte tatin.

redwhite&bluetissueballThe colours of the French flag are blue, white, and red. If you had celebrated the 4th of July, it is easy to reuse these colours for the décor. The colours in French are ‘bleu, Blanc et rouge’ which is blue, white, and red. These colours should be on your garlands, invitations, and other items that you will be using for the day.

Bastille invitations

hatfrenchchef60877-rwbYou are inviting people for a French celebration, so a little French language is called for. Start your invitation with simple greetings like ‘Bonjour’ and end with a simple French slogan ‘Vive la France’ or Long Live France.  Of course there is the old Repondez S’il Vous Plait (RSVP). 

Bastille attire

The traditional French attire consists of berets, mariniere shirts, Breton sweaters, canotiers, and flat straw hats. French flag themed t-shirts and caps will also bring colourful French patriotism to the celebrations.

Bastille Venue

Decorate the venue with paintings and pictures of iconic French landmarks like the Eiffel tower and the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Drape floor to ceiling French flags as well as lay out the table on a blue, white, and red table cloth to enjoy a perfect French meal.

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