Celebrate Fourth of July with a Bang

american-Flying-Flag-BalloonThe 4th of July is the biggest American holiday. It is the day the Americans celebrate the declaration of independence that was witnessed on the 4th of July, 1776. The Americans spare no effort in putting up a party. The American and patriots alike celebrate this day with family and friends doing parades, picnics, barbecues, concerts, carnivals, shows, and plenty of fireworks. The dominant colours are red, blue, and white (the colours of the star spangled banner) or the Old Glory (as the Americans like to call their flag). The 4th of July is a big holiday wherever American are to be found. How can you throw a good bash for you and your American friends on this big day?

54685americanflagwhirlsAmerican colours

The American colours are red, blue, and white. These are the colours to dominate on this day. An American flag is a mandatory feature for this event. Hang it on your own lawn to show solidarity with your American friends. Drape on an American themed outfit like T-shirts and caps.

Make a wreath of American colours by wrapping red, blue, and white burlaps on a wire frame. Wreaths are good attachments to hang on doors on this great day.

hatGreat American food

There are typical American foods like steak and burgers. If the weather allows it, bring out the barbecues. Americans are big on grilling and meats. You can add a twist to the food celebrations by having American themed food. Fruits kebabs are a great way to express your American enthusiasm. You can stack red fruits like red grapes and strawberries, blue fruits like blueberries, and white fruits like marshmallows to make American themed kebabs. Another good experiment to try out is an American themed cake with a stack of American colours.

American costumes

The 4th of July should not end without draping the American colours. A basic outfit is a red and white t-shirt, along with a pair of jeans. Experiment with American ribboned flip flops as well as 4th of July caps. Americancutouts55246

If you are planning an evening party, bring out the Uncle Sam and Liberty Lady hats. These are powerful symbols of the American spirit.

Big fireworks

The 4th of July is not complete without a fireworks display. Get a permit and organise a fireworks display in your backyard. Alternatively, make your own paper sparklers that do not fire up for play with kids and everyone else.

American music

Music is a big American tradition. Sing along the tunes of all-time American favourites like Yankee Doodle daddy and America the Beautiful.

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