Hopping Around the World and in Your Backyard on Easter

image002On Easter Sunday, the entire Christendom celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after His death on the cross. Apart from Christmas, Easter is considered the most important event in the Christian calendar. Surprisingly, the day is celebrated in a variety of ways – in traditions unique to different countries around the world.

Whether religious or secular, Easter celebration is not complete without the popular Easter egg hunts. In the US, Germany, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Brazil, India and Australia, parents hide eggs and sweets outside for the children to search like treasures. In the recent past, the tradition has gone big time commercially with communities and even large establishments organizing massive Easter egg hunts for local people and mall goers to get together and have fun on Easter.

Another tradition shared by Australia, the UK, and the US is the Easter bonnet parade in which children parade around the school yard and proceed down the streets with hats fitted with bunny ears, chicken images, Easter eggs and chocolates. British kids often decorate their wide-brimmed hats with spring flowers to go “pace-egging” or rolling hard-boiled eggs down a grassy hill, while American children take pride in their bigger and better bonnets while tapping eggs to see which is the strongest.

In Australia, there is campaign to replace the Easter bunny with Easter bilbies due to the former’s reputation as a pest causing damage to the environment. The bilby is an endangered Australian animal that looks like a large mouse with long soft ears similar to a rabbit. It may probably take a long time to displace the bunny since it is known to deliver sweet treats to children thus bunnies are a regular feature in Easter baskets. Nevertheless, in France, the Easter bells are mainly responsible for sending chocolates to children everywhere.

Hosting an Egg-ceptional Backyard Easter Egg Hunt

Regardless of religious affiliation, Easter is an auspicious day to throw a party. Whether you’re commemorating Christ’s resurrection or welcoming the coming of spring, an Easter egg hunting party is just the ideal activity to stir up thoughts of new life and the warmth of spring. Plan for an easy-yet-elegant gathering that will allow adults to enjoy and relax while watching kids fan out the yard in search for pastel colored eggs. What can be a better way to get started than to get all your Easter party supplies from a one-stop online store for a stress-free planning instead of running around to complete everything you need to merit a thumbs up from your guests.

Let’s face it. Kids are loco over the idea of hunting for sweet treats and other goodies. However, this year, take your backyard egg hunting to a notch higher by putting in unexpected twists to a yearly tradition.

  • Plan games for varying age ranges. Set up multiple rounds participated in image004by kids belonging to the same age group so that smaller children stand better chances to hunt on their own. Provide kids with cute Easter buckets to contain their collections.
  • Limit the number of eggs to be collected. Make it clear that each child is only allowed to gather a dozen eggs so that everyone gets enough. For that, you need to hide plenty of eggs so that every child image008completes their dozen.
  • Go beyond the sweetness. Bring the other half of finding the eggs more fun by adding a variety of treasures to hunt. Plant multi-colored glitter carrots or hide fluffy Easter chicks together with eggs filled with jellybeans, coins, coupons and other tiny toys. If you image006prefer an all-girls expedition, consider hiding special prizes like lip gloss, stickers and nail polish. For boys, Hot Wheels cars and puzzles are exciting cache to stash away.

A Meal for the Hungry Hunters

image010Don’t forget that you promised to make it easy on yourself so why not enlist the help of guests coming to the party. Plan for a potluck breakfast-y or lunch-y brunch and ask friends to bring a special dish from their kitchen. Make sure to know what each family intends to bring so you can advise them about duplicated dishes.

As host, you’re responsible for the main courses, as well as whatever is lacking in the potluck menu. Impress everyone with your homemade banana crunch muffins, bacon asparagus strata and braised lamb. Let kids and adults help themselves to colorful sodas and fruity cocktails in Mason jars over ice in a giant inflatable palm tree drink cooler. Stock up on plenty image011of dazzle eggs plates and napkins for surely everyone will be famished from all the hunting activities.

When it’s time to send the guests home, hand out yellow felt Easter bags containing all the goodies that don’t require a bit of hunting. It makes your guests doubly gratified that they need not travel hours to bring exotic animals like iguana, turtles, and rodents, and cook them as special dishes, just like what Columbians do for their traditional Easter celebration.

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