What to Wear in Costume Parties

Being invited to a themed event can be dispiriting especially if you don’t have  readily-available costumes to wear. Thankfully, there are costume resources that can provide plenty of options. Even if you already have something


The Spoil-Proof Surprise Scheme

It takes skilful organization, agility and a lot of conspiracy to pull off a surprise party. Whatever the reason for the celebration – birthday, wedding anniversary, or a bridal shower, a surprise party never fails


No One’s Too Old to Party

Adults enjoy birthday parties as much as children do. Even if they don’t admit it, adults are thrilled to be honoured with their own birthday party. And that’s even if the thought of turning another


Boosting Your Party with Balloons

Balloons are party essentials – whether it’s a wedding, a birthday celebration, the 4th of July or just a family get-together. Any affair becomes festive when the whole place is festooned with balloons of all

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